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Sat, Mar 23



The Ugly Conference

Mar 23, 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Oakland SOL

1236 23rd Ave,

Oakland, CA 94606

Are you familiar with the nuance and painful experience of being regularly perceived as ugly or unattractive by other people throughout your life?


Has being perceived as ugly impacted the trajectory of your life, your relationships, and/or your access to social, educational, and professional opportunities and connections.


Are you ready to have deeper, more vulnerable and intersectional conversations about lookism in a facilitated space to heal, connect with others who have a shared experience, and dream of what change can look like?


Do you want to exchange stories of healing, resilience, and resistance?


Great! Because the PleasureNess Literary Academy, and so many others amazing people and groups, are ready to have more intentional, intersectional, and generative discussions about the disenfranchising experience of the cultural myth that is ugliness – and we want to include your beautiful and critical voice in the process.


Please register here if you'd like to join us.


This inaugural Ugly Conference will an intimate, experiential, day-long event full of facilitated discussions and creative activities dedicated to unpacking the way concepts of ugliness have been used to justify systemic disenfranchisement, coercive isolation, capitalistic exploitation, imperialist colonization, medical violence, and so much more.


Together, we will explore the intersections and commonalities in our personal stories of ugliness, beauty, heartache, healing, resistance, and resilience. We will learn about the work others are doing to combat the oppressive history and impact of the ugly-beauty binary. And we will dream up creative solutions, societal interventions, and other steps towards change, healing, and the eradication of ugliness as we know it.


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