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Art and Spirit Medicine for Joy, Liberation and Change.



We want to change the world to help foster societies where we can all access our needs and desires, to de-popularize the mechanisms and mentalities of oppression, and we want it to feel as good as possible in the process.


We directly support the joy, liberation, craft and vitality of people in service of humanity, social justice, and the earth through art- and spirit-centered workshops, coaching, media, events and more.


Through our programming, we create fun, restorative, and courageous spaces for the compassionate weirdoes, creative queerdoes, deliberately non-traditional families, and tender love spirits of the world


Art, when flowered with the audacious bloom of love, watered with intentional joy and kindness, and seeded with an intersectional lens of liberation, heals hurt, saves lives, and creates the kind of kinetic and tangible love energy that we all need to thrive. 

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Literary Academy

Oakland SOL

​Founded in 2003, SOL  incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in January 2018, Oakland Sol shares sustainable practices and promotes social justice through education and community building.  

Oakland Sol is a collectively run volunteer organization of 6 members.  We work on social justice and food justice by opening our doors to events, hosting urban gardening days, and sponsoring political education through a paid youth summer internship.  Our 5,000 square foot organic garden houses eight rotating food plots, an herb spiral, greenhouse, chicken-coop, and natives section, and provides habitat for hummingbirds, a turtle, and countless other urban critters and insects.  We host humans as well: community organizations, classes, events, fundraisers that are in line with our vision often use our space.


 If you are interested in renting our space, feel free to contact us at




UGLY the Revival

Please join us for an evening dedicated to unpacking and healing from Uglification through the arts

What People Are Saying

Travis Alabanza, queer, trans, artist performer and writer

It’s hard to categorize Vanessa’s work into one title. Her approach
seems to encompass your whole being at the time. I felt myself seen, listened to,
validated, but most importantly, pushed to do better, to be better, and to find the
possibility that Vanessa was already seeing in me. Six years on, as I run workshops and
facilitate sessions myself, I find myself thinking back to and learning from the kind of
space Vanessa created. 

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