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Dearest Lovers of Art and Liberation

PleasureNess Literary Academy directly supports the joy, liberation, craft and vitality of people in service of humanity, social justice, and the earth through art and spirit centered workshops, coaching, digital media, events and more. 

Through our programming, we create restorative, courageous, and critical spaces for the compassionate weirdos, creative queerdos, deliberately non-traditional families, activists, artists, teachers, healers, and tender love spirits of the world to vulnerably explore the fullness of their own humanity, take their craft to the next level of intersectionality and transformative justice, reground in their purpose and liberation- values, and create the change that they want to see in their lives, careers, and the world.

We provide FREE digital media that not only explores how centering joy can be an act of decolonization, but that supports people as they explore how to apply the intentional practice of pleasure, self-compassion, and accountable self-reflection to their own liberation practices. Our digital media features the vulnerable and nuanced stories of people whose bodies, identities, histories and life-experiences are excluded from, sensationalized by, or harmed via mainstream media. 

We believe that art – when flowered with the audacious bloom of love, watered with intentional joy and kindness, and seeded with an intersectional lens of liberation – heals hurt, saves lives, and creates a kinetic and tangible love energy that we all deserve and that our liberation movements absolutely need. 

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